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Weekend warriors
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players guns and gear 

Chris Lomangino
gun 1- shocktech intimidator
gun 2- clear coat silver matrix only 50 ever made



Steven Beno
gun 1- 2002 blue Vision impulse
gun 2- 2001 blue bushmaster




Ryan Smoker
gun 1- 2001 classic intimidator


Danel foaster
2003 Tippman with response tigger and 16in cp barral  and 6in drop also a tribal bbt black with red flames it is a 1999 and a revy with x-board the tippy does 12bps  and the tribal does 13bps.
Profile Profile
 Alex Cromy
2002 M3 Black dragon stars and strips red stock witha 45 3000 tank and a red halo b it does 20bps.
Jeffery Sumner
2002 M3 Black dragon silver with blade trigger and some exteras it does reg
M3 Black Dragun
This is the team of 2003 team name Weekend Warriors.
Our jearsys are the 2002 pro jearsys they look like this.

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